The People’s Garden Fund Kickoff Fiesta Saturday May 6

The People’s Garden


at the corner of B’way and Greene Ave in BK

During this 2017 gardening season, with your help, we are fortifying elements of our space that help support and provide the experience that is The People’s Garden to our neighborhood. Our goal is to replace the worn dance floor with a stronger, more weather-worthy floor…AND to replace the gasoline-fed generator that powers the music and events with solar power. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation through The Brooklyn-Queens Land Trust. Follow this link and be sure to type For The People’s Garden where you see “Add special instructions for the seller.”

We’ll keep you up-to-date with our fundraising efforts and more ways to contribute, including celebrating with us beginning with The People’s Garden Fund Kick-Off Fiesta May 6. Please join us! Details below.

From Hernan Pagan, Steward of The People’s Garden…

The People’s Garden is not just a place for communities to gather and socialize. It’s not just a recreational garden where children play, adults dance, the bands raise the decibel level in a most entertaining and diverse cultural renaissance. The garden is not “just” a place where religious groups come to party and pray to their own gods. It’s not just a place completely open to our community, friends, and family. The garden is run by the many volunteers that take care of it. The garden is supported by those groups that come to enjoy it. It is entirely grassroots, and we do not accept state or federal money or reach out to major corporations for funding.

The garden is not “just” a garden. It is an experience. Come visit with us. We reach out to you and the public and its works.

Be happy.


The People’s Garden

April 2017

For more about May 6 see our facebook event page!


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