The 5th Annual Motherlodge is OPEN!!!

The 5th Annual


Live Arts Exchange.


4 Magic Days In Louisville Begin TODAY!!!

THUR: The Rudyard Kipling

FRI: The Rudyard Kipling

SAT: The Rudyard Kipling/Hillbilly Tea

SUN: GALERIE HERTZ/Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Click links above for directions and see full schedule and artist info at


Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant’s “Irina’s Name Day Party” – Corn Mo with Una MImnagh, Jake Reber and The Clifton’s Kitchen Band – Watch the Friday 7:15 U of L game broadcast with live score and comedy improv AT THE RUD – A Jesus Christ Superstar Singalong – The 37th Humana Festival Soiree – A Long Table Discussion : The Artist and Creativity thru Ernest Becker’s Eyes – music by The Deloreans, Juanita, Catherine Irwin, Lady Pyramid, Erin Hill and Her Psychedelic Harp, Mesiko with Kevin Ratternam and Spettra, Roadie, Small Time Napoleon, Shelby Park Soul Stew, Bourbon and Lace, J.D. Green, Alanna Fugate, Misha Feigin, Pierson Keating, Aaron Latos, Rebecca Hart, Chsela Chipe, Larry Bull, Brett Ratliff with The Slow Charleston, LIVESTREAM EVENTS ON FRIDAY AND SATURDAY and more

For the full schedule of Spring Motherlodge, artist info and ticket links, go to

See you there!!!



ML will collect donations all weekend for KenPyleMedicineMoney

Our friend Ken Pyle is a prince of positivity. Whether it be with his family, his friends, his church or his one-of-a-kind establishment The Rudyard Kipling in Louisville, KY, Ken has always emphasized joy and peacefulness in all things. Recently, Ken was hospitalized with an infection caused by complications with his knee replacements. He has had 2 successful surgeries but still suffers from the infection that spread to other parts of his body. Ken has Medicare which covers his doctor bills, hospitalization, and what at the time of this campaign looks to be 6 weeks in nursing home, but his very costly medication is not covered. This campaign is raising funds for this. Click below to donate or come to a show.


The fact that you are on this e-list already makes you special and worthy of good favor. Over half of our shows this weekend are free or pay what you can, and those that require tickets are because we need to support the artists who are making the show. But we want to make it easy for people to fill the seats and see the incredible work by Conni’s Avant Garde Restaurant and Corn Mo. Email

ray NOW for a limited number of discount tickets to all the shows.

Motherlodge is a mobile presenting organization that creates “Live Art Exchanges”, combining diverse performance mediums (music, theater, cooking, visual arts, storytelling, film…) and encouraging cross-city collaborations with artists, venues, community organizations, and individuals.
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