Motherlodge at Joe’s Pub Jan. 20 – A Fleetwood Mac Attack for ML 2013

…..Thank You 2012, here we go 2013…


Live Arts Exchange New York City / Louisville, Kentucky

From Ray Rizzo…

Motherlodge closes 2012 with much gratitude and appreciation. We bellow a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our first ever Louisville fundraiser at Actor’s Theatre a night to remember. For those of you who missed the evening’s finale of Motherlodgers and Bonnie “Prince” Billy performing Bob Dylan and Sam Shepard’s “Brownsville Girl”, you can enjoy it here in all it’s blown-out YouTubed glory.

This week we begin our FIFTH YEAR of Live Arts Exchanges. Already, plans for Spring Motherlodge in Louisville KY include collaborations with Billy Hertz Gallery, Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Humana Festival, The Rudyard Kipling, and more to be announced soon.

This year we also deepen our efforts to make Motherlodge a robust, well-supported and sustainable organization. While I cherish the past 4 years of dreaming up and rendering unique shows like nothing else, we cannot continue without the support of the communities in which we lodge. If you can make a tax-deductible donation to help us, go to and follow the prompt on the right side of the screen. Thank you for any gift you can make.

So where were we?


………………GOT PLANS FOR JANUARY 20th???????


Jan. 20 at Joe’s Pub – A Full Mac Attack !!!

Our NYC fundraiser for 2013 Motherlodge is a night in the city that you must not miss. Seriously. Stop reading this and get tickets here now. At 9:30 in the evening, Joe’s Pub will open its doors wide for a one-night Motherlodge curated by Michael Arthur and Motherlodge founder Ray Rizzo. “A Fleetwood Mac Orgy” will be a cosmos-shattering night of Broadway and downtown NYC performers colliding with rockers from Brooklyn and Kentucky. The band of Louisville musicians that formed for Motherlodge 2010 to play the Rumours album live will be joined by Mx. Justin Bond, Michael Shannon, Alanna Amram, Michael Cerveris, Doveman, Taylor Mac, L.P. Funk, Dawn Landes, Erin Hill, Georgiana Starlington, Hannah Cohen, Lady Rizo, Rebecca Hart, Josh Kaufman and others. Michael Arthur accompanies with live drawings on the big screen. Did we say you should get your tickets now? Seriously.

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Reserved seats are $20. VIP seats $50 and include a Motherlode Bag with works by participating artists and other Motherlodgers.
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