Corporal with Less The Band at Le Poisson Rouge

Corporal and LESS the Band

Sunday September 30 10pm

at Le Poisson Rouge, Grenwich Village NYC

jpegphoto by Bernie DeChant
Prepare to freak

On Sunday Sept. 30th at 10pm Corporal will play with longtime love-buddies Less the band at the old Village Gate, now Le Poisson Rouge, the epicenter of downtown NYC artrockmusik. Get tickets HERE and use the discount code EFFORTLESS for $2 off the already cheap admission. (the code is case sensitive). Our Obama 7″ and album will be available at the show. If you do not have our album yet, WAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It’s amazing. And it’s on iTunes.

The Deli Mag gives Corporal some love. Read here!

Corporal is Michael Shannon, Ray Rizzo, Rob Beitzel w/ Dave Wnorowski

LTB is Rob Beitzel, Michael Chernus, Paul Sparks, Adam Rapp, Ray Rizzo

This list is generated by Ray R. who sends notices for the bands Corporal, Mesiko, The People’s Garden and Motherlodge Live Arts Exchange. If you do not wish to be notified, my apologies. Let me know HERE.

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