Meet Mesiko this weekend! Shows in Louisville, Columbus, and NYC


Mesiko is not only a band. It is a dream state populated by a sing-yo-ass-off music making unit guided by psychic impulses that renders true country music (and by true country I mean real music from sentient beings living in this country in this very moment which we are sharing – raw. fonky. with howling.) Co-pilot Rachel Bell and I met when I recorded drums for one of her amazing songs and then last Fall she, her long-time collaborator David Marshall and I shared shows where we brought our songs together and really even before our first show we knew we had something rare and special. At our first "official" show last February, Mesiko became that much more incredible with the added playing/singing/composing powers of Louisville’s own Roadie Rodahaffer. We are now four strong, always with special guests, and it happens when we play. Check out our new site here.

Just look at us! (Roadie will be airbrushed in as soon as we reach Louisville). The run-down of shows is below. Hope to see you.


Mesiko plays at 8:35 on the Executive Lawn (at Executive Inns by the Kentucky Fairgrounds) for the opening of Lebowski Fest. We play before Mucca Pazza and before the midnight showing of The Big Lebowski. Hard to think of a better summer night! Tix and info are here.

Saturday MORNING

For those of you who love eating some of the very best food in Louisville while watching your friends play, Mesiko will play a semi-acoustic "brunch set" at the super-fantastic restaurant Hillbilly Tea. We will play between 11 and 12 noon. There is no cover, but Hillbilly Tea suggests calling and making reservations ahead of time. Call (502) 587-7350. Hillbilly Tea is located at 120 South 1st Street Louisville, KY 40202

Saturday NIGHT

From Hillbilly Tea we will travel north to Columbus OH to play an 8pm show at Rhumba Cafe. Cover is $5. Pleaze tell your friends in Columbus!!!


Monday we will play at Fontana’s in NYC’s Lower East Side as part of an incredible bill with The Defibulators and Corporal who will be celebrating their first ever 7" release. Cover is $10 and includes a Corporal 7".

Now you know. much love,


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